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Social Media Marketing

There is something about social media and social networking that has changed the world of marketing. It has changed the keyword from ‘appeal’ to ‘intimacy’. So today you will hear a client saying I ‘feel that brand’. The world’s most famous brand ‘Coca Cola’ is selling its’ ‘Feeling’ we are told to ‘Taste the feeling’. The force behind this innovative marketing wave is about many things beginning with the fact that social media is right on our palmtops- phones, tablets, iPads.

The scope of sales and marketing arena has grown exponentially. We no longer depend on Television screens. In fact broadcasting and news publishing outlets depend on social media to grow. Social media has turned marketing into a real-time two-way communication. In Kenya, Safaricom , local mobile Telephone service provider, with over 26 Million clientele Base drives it’s marketing through social media marketing.

Last year it reported that over 1 billion US Dollars in revenue; 47% of this was a result of mobile telephone sale and marketing. Mostly data. In recognition of this revenue the company is said to have pumped in 300 Million dollars in improving its mobile data networks. In fact the company has cut its annual one million dollar advertising budget by focusing on online marketing.

Saferoom, like Asia giant Citibank has modelled its customer service around social media. Clients communicate with customer service assistance on Facebook, WhatsApp and twitter on a 24-hour access.

While solving client problems, the customer service assistants diligently turn the exercise into a online survey which helps the company gather instantaneous feedback on the quality of their services and products. Feedback is an integral cog in the sales and marketing wheel. Social media has created the new age of marketing – the era of active listening. During 2014 Brazil world Cup, Citibank Asia, created a massive social media marketing frenzy by asking their clients to take pictures at designated branches with World Cup themes and post them on their Instagram.

This was a hugely successful move that drove in more clients while creating global brand awareness. Perhaps the most astonishing aspect of social media marketing is the ‘feel’ factor. That an unknown firm or innovator has the capacity to develop a product and market through social media. If the product strikes the ‘feel’ factor it goes on to develop an online persona turning the product into an instant global vogue. This is best exhibited by Tempo, a Chinese tissue paper brand that has literally grown because of its social media persona.

US clothing giant Tommy Hilfiger that had to use a top Asian model on Wiebo a Chinese social media platform to break into the Chinese markets. Perhaps nothing underpins the value of social media marketing more than this move. Notwithstanding that you will find numerous advertisements in the in-flight magazines abound Beijing, Hong Kong and Guangzhou flights. Like the famous cliché goes ‘ we have not stopped reading news; we only do it digitally. The same can be said of marketing. Today it is all about social media sales and marketing – It’s all on our palmtops.

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